Akolite News Flash:

1) Pre-loaded Direct Pressing Commercial, MR, & Boiling Grade Resins: Introducing for the first time in India, the Buy It - Spread It- Press It Resins from Akolite. Only AkoHard Hardener to be added as required. 2.) Long Life Melamine Formaldehyde (MF) - Pure & Clear: First time in India, 100% pure & clear MF with 40 - 45 days shelf life. For Laminates, Doors, Resin coated Doors, Decorative, BWR & BWP Plywood. Cost effective & best alternative to conventional PF. 3.) Anti Dry Out Hardener - AkoHard: First of its kind in the World, AkoHard Hardener for Commercial, MR, & Boiling Grade Resins. In-built buffer. No Liquor Ammonia required. Better bonding and resin Pot Life.

Great Support

Each of our clients requirements are observed, analysed & worked upon separately and independently in order to ensure most precise end-solutions.

We Are Here

The biggest synthetic resins plant in South India for plywood and panel industries, Akolite is located at the Baikampady Industrial Area in Mangalore, India.


We are privileged to present to our clients, the best quality resins catering to specific production parameters and usage requirements.

Friendly Team

Our Team of experienced chemists, moulding specialists and production experts come into on-site support, with their vast experiences.

Welcome to Akolite

Akolite Synthetic Resins was established in the year 1995 to develop and provide quality synthetic resin adhesives for plywood, panel and wood-based product industries. We are the first plywood/panel liquid resin manufactures in the country to obtain ISI certification for our manufactured resins that we supply to our esteemed customers. Armed with one of the best Research facilities in the plywood industry, our state-of-the-art research lab dedicated to roll out the best of products and services for our most valued clients and customers from within the country and overseas.


Our Products

Amino Resins

Melamine and Urea based resins customised for specific product requirements such as commercial plywood, particle board, high tack resins, high solids resins for moulding,pallet moulding and many more.


Phenolic Resins

Conventional PF(IS:710-BWP) and Modified PF resins(IS:303 -BWR). We also manufacture Lignin, Cardanol, Soya and Melamine blended Phenolic Resins.


Troubleshooting Services

We offer on-site Plywood Manufacture troubleshooting and consultancy services to our clients and customers from across the country, and overseas. Call us, for details, discussions and queries.


Speciality Resins

Product-specific resins like boiling grade resins for high quality interior panels, wood-fibre glass reinforcement resins, high tack pre-press resins, high solids particle board and moulding adhesives, vinyl acetate blended melamine resins and much more.